Our custom work. Camp maps, trail maps, custom bandanas

Bandanas are a great way to showcase your map or event: There is a HUGH imprint area (17 inches)! Makes them easy to read,reusable, washable, easy to carry, wearable, reduces litter on trails, great for fundraising. We can print on a solid, made in USA, 100% cotton bandana or on an imported tie dye! 40% deposit required on custom/large orders. No refunds on custom orders. <br>

Need a new way to raise funds? Print your own design or map on our bandanas! Useful, washable, wearable, reusable and a nice change from a totebag! Our quality is high and our minimums are low!

Want to create your own map? We printed this map for a Forest Kindergarden. Looks great!

A NEW! custom bandana we printed recently for the Girl Scouts. Get yours done! Our minimums are low, prices are reasonable, quality is high!

Want a different color combination for a Fundana? We printed this Walk in the Woods for a customer and it looks great! Minimum order required.

Try your map on our tie dye bandanas! A little more expensive but WOW!

We are DEFINITELY interested in the Fundanas!! We have a few of your ‘danas so we are excited to create programs around them for our little workshops! You guys have a great product

Get your Girl Scout Camp map printed on our made in USA, 100% cotton bandanas!

"A Must-Have for Every Junior Naturalist!"

Thank you so much for the Horse Quest Fundana. I gave it to the instructors where I volunteer and they LOVED it! It will provide great activities on those days that the kids can’t ride.

Design your own bandana! We have many great examples!

"The bandanas were a HUGE hit!" " People were asking for more."

Our minimums are low, our quality is high! Create your own Fundana or just add logos! We will work with you. Please contact us at fundanas11@gmail.com for pricing and details.

Your bandanas have been a huge hit at our ranch! I’m sure we’ll be ordering some more!

"Everyone loves the bandannas so much that everyone wants one. Thank you so much for the speed in getting them to us, and for the great job that you did."

"I have purchased a couple of your fundanas over the years and they've been a huge hit!"

"I am in charge of a summer day camp and ordered a few of each theme and gave them to the staff as a “welcome” gift. They LOVED them and used them quite a bit throughout the summer. We even used the star gazing on our camp-outs. Tons of fun and so easy to use for an impromptu activity to fill in time."

"I love, love, love your products!"

"Keep up the good work!"

"I would like to order more Fundanas from your company - We just love them here at the Vermilion County Conservation District!"

"Thanks for your great products".

The bandannas are beautiful! The text was much larger than I expected, which is an added bonus. These will be such fun resources to use for my outdoor education job. Thank you, I appreciate your products!

"I love your Fundanas and share them with volunteers of Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas at every opportunity. I facilitate our outdoor education courses and display all that I have."

"We really like your company. Both your product and your way of doing business."

This is such an amazing product! I'm so happy to have found it!!

"I just wanted to let you know that I always display the Fundanas when I exhibit at a conference. I attend the science teacher conventions as well as the environmental educator conferences in the New England area. The Fundanas are such a big hit; they brighten up our booth and draw folks in."

These bandanas were a hit with all the teachers and classrooms. I even had some left over for my first "Recycling Trash Camp" this year. The kids loved them.

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